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Contact Express

Mobile Applications


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    Software Development

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    Windows Phone Silverlight, MVVMLight

Contact Express is a mobile applications that helps you easily send contacts from your Windows Phone to devices on different platforms.

In three easy and quick steps the application allows you to select a contact for export in well-familiar people hub manner, define what parts of the contact data to be exported (name, phones, emails), and in last step how to transmit the data:

- send contact as text in SMS
- generate QR code with contact details - for easy scanning by another person who is next to you
- send contact as text in part of an E-mail
- copy the contact text to Clipboard for pasting in another application

Technically the biggest challenge was loading of the contacts in less than a second which was not possible with the standard programming tools provided by the framework. We decided to go with a another approach using a custom binary serialization which made it the fastest loading contact share application in the store.