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Need more than a simple web site? Then we are the right team for you. Our seasoned specialists will analyze your requirements, the problems you face and will deliver the right web solution for your business.

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What We Do?

We can provide functional, reliable and high-quality web applications for your business. Our team consists of highly experienced and Microsoft certified professionals who have successfully provided custom software solutions in different business domains such as Real Estate, Human Resources, E-commerce, Energy, etc.

Among our competences are:

  • Web Frameworks - ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms
  • CMS - Umbraco
  • Client-side frameworks - HTML5, CSS3, Silverlight, Angular, jQuery, Bootstrap
  • Relational Databases - Microsoft SQL Server, MySql
  • Web services - SOAP, WSDL, WS-Security, REST
  • Reporting services - MS SQL Reporting Services, Jasper

Our Process

We believe delivering a high-quality and reliable solution is not only but mostly due to using an appropriate software development process. No matter weather it is the the well-known waterfall process or some of the most modern agile methodologies, in the end of the day our experience shows that having a process is better than not having at all and it is more important how well it is executed than which one is used exactly.

These are the most important phases we always go through when doing web development:

  • analysis

    We anylize your business, identify requirements (sometimes by writing use cases), plan and design for determining the initial scope for your custom web solution.

  • development

    After we have a clear vision of where we want to go we can start with the hard work. We run multiple iterations of designing, coding, testing and bug-fixing while constantly asking you for feedback.

  • acceptance

    After each iteration or whenever you decide there is enough functionality to be released, we prepare a package and deploy to a pre-relase environment (staging server) where you do a final acceptance testing.

  • publish

    When we are sure the package is thoroughly tested and we have your acceptance then we start the provisioning to the production server. We always follow a strict deployment procedure which includes backup and rollback plans if something goes wrong.

  • support

    Maintanence and support are among our core values so each application is always delivered with a guarantee period.

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