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    ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight 4, MS SQL Server R2, WCF, ASP.NET SignalR

Lindeq is a medical consultancy specialized in drug safety and pharmacovigilance, cosmetovigilance, quality management and medical device vigilance. Their solutions range from reviewing the client's current procedures to establish and maintain a complete cosmetovigilance/medical device vigilance system, always compliant with the respective regulations.

We were requested by Lindeq to help them evaluate an existing web system they were using to support their business. The application was developed and owned by a Danish software company based in Aalborg. Being their biggest client, Lindeq was proposed to buy the software and take full control of it - maintenance, hosting, etc.. A professional from our team with a relevant skill set was sent on-site to Aalborg to talk with the developers, inspect the source code and evaluate the application. As a result a comprehensive report was generate including the following main topics:
- overall solution description
- how to setup a development environment
- backup strategy
- hosting environment requirements
- transfer plan
- known issues with existing system
- conclusion

Based on this report, a few months later Qualisto was hired to perform the transfer of the system.